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adidas / August 31, 2023
The adidas Samba Size Guide

Discover classic adidas heritage through the fit and feel of the one and only Samba.

adidas / July 19, 2023
Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Mary Fowler

From Queensland to the world’s biggest stage, Mary Fowler is what you get when a creative, free spirit meets the hopes of a nation.A true midfield maestro. The kind that can unlock any defence with ea...

adidas / July 21, 2023
Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Lena Oberdorf

Some may argue it takes a midfielder years to master their craft, but Lena Oberdorf is the exception to that rule. Just 21-years-old yet born for football’s biggest stage.With the ball at her feet, Le...

adidas / July 19, 2023
Through the eyes of the fans: Alessia Russo

Great players seize the moments that matter, but superstars go one step further. Alessia Russo belongs to that second category. A striker with more than just an eye for goal. Russo has an eye for the ...

adidas / June 05, 2023
How to Pick the Best Walking Shoes

The right pair of walking shoes can take you far. Whether you need something steady for long walks in the city or outdoor adventures, our guide has you covered.

adidas / May 25, 2023
How to Improve Your Running Performance: 5 Effective Tips

Many runners are happy running their regular routes at a relaxed, feel-good pace. This boosts your overall fitness and gives you a break from your everyday stress. But monotony in your training that c...

adidas / May 25, 2023
Allison Graaff

You’ve got your treadmill all set up, and now you’re ready to start your running journey. Our treadmill workouts for beginners will get you moving, and we’ve got a few tips to ensure your workout is a...

adidas / May 19, 2023
4 Minute Read
What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear to the Gym

Get the right support for your training session. Find out the best workout shoes for the gym with adidas’ top picks and advice.

adidas / May 18, 2023
Exercises For Ankle Strength

Give some love to your ankles—your powerhouse joints for balance and stability. Learn five ankle stability exercises with physical therapist Josh Davis.

adidas / May 18, 2023
8 Exercises For Strong Knees

Strong legs lead to healthy knees. Learn how to build knee strength with these eight simple exercises.

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