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Three people, pictured from the waist down, posing outside in black and white adidas Samba shoes.
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You know the adidas Samba. The iconic 3-Stripes design is instantly recognisable. adidas Samba shoes may be famous for their sports performance but their popularity as a lifestyle shoe is equally impressive. When a shoe looks this good, the street scene was bound to make it their own. It is not surprising when you consider the cool aesthetics of the slick adidas black Samba, all leather with white contrast stripes, as easy on the eye as they are on your feet. For a brighter look, adidas Samba in white have the versatility of a tennis shoe for everyday wear. In either colourway, the smooth lines and classic rubber outsole of the adidas Samba Classic equal total street cred.


First released in 1949 the original Samba sneaker was one of the first adidas sneakers to feature the now iconic 3-Stripes design. The sleek design and incredible grip made the adidas Originals Samba the best-known indoor soccer shoe of its time. The legendary style and features of these adidas sneakers have been enhanced and modernised to create ever more impressive adidas trainers. A thick layer of suede covers the toe box, and they now sport an extra-long flat tongue (to pull down over laces), this gives great protection from the ball, not to mention greater kicking precision. Super comfortable on the pitch, you will appreciate the sock-like fit and extra lace holes to ensure your adidas Samba shoes move as one with your feet. Well-known in the game for their performance-enhancing grip (to allow for all the sudden cross pitch action), and now available in adidas Samba women’s and adidas Samba men’s styles. The famous sport shoe will give soccer players everywhere the edge over their competition.