Adizero Running Shoes


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When only speed matters, choose Adizero running shoes

Adizero running shoes have been created with two distinct priorities in mind: high-speed and impact cushioning. They're made from super lightweight materials, including Lightstrike cushioned contouring. This returns energy to your feet, giving you a spring-back effect every time you lift off in your stride. We use our Microfit technology to create a sneaker that shapes itself to your foot to ensure a secure fit. Boost midsole technology combines with the Lightstrike contours for ultimate comfort and additional energy return, using the thousands of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane energy capsules it contains.

The Microfit stretch mesh upper makes Adizero running shoes feel like a part of your own body and provides support when you're running at high speed and gives them a truly locked-in feel. The Boost effect wraps around your foot to provide lightweight comfort and support, even as you're pushing your own limits on the track or pounding the training roads. They also have Continental™ Rubber outsoles that provides superior levels of grip despite the conditions underfoot. Thick laces make them easy to get on and off, and secure them firmly to your feet. They all have our famous 3-Stripes thickly emblazoned on the side, and there's a wide range of colors and designs on offer, from classic black or white to subtle pastels and metallics, and modern day-glo colors that will make you more visible – especially useful when you're running on public roads in low light conditions.